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We’re Hiring!

We’re growing and so must our team! We want outgoing, friendly, curious conversationalists who are committed to high quality service and relationships, desire for personal growth, putting people first, and having fun while they work.

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Farmtrue | Seasonal Routines

As the seasons change, so to should our self-care practices. Seasonal practices support us in staying in harmony within ourselves as our environments shift. According to Ayurveda, we are entering Vata (Fall/Winter) season. Vata is a combination of the elements Air and Ether. The qualities of these two elements together are: cold, rough, subtle, mobile,…

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Ayurveda: Seasonal living – Ritucharyana (seasonal practices)

Living in harmony with our natural environment is key to staying healthy and balanced.  Eating with the seasons and adjusting our routines to accommodate for the time of year, enables us to sync with the natural rhythm of life. Understanding our own nature and the qualities of each season is the starting point for making…

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Why Organic Ghee Is Better For Your Body

Ghee is a healthy fat made from organic, grass-fed butter and is used in both cooking and in maintaining health.  Ghee also just happens to be simply delicious! We make our ghee by cooking butter using traditional Ayurvedic practices, removing all of the milk solids, water, and impurities. What’s left is lactose-free, casein-free, and shelf-stable…

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