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Organic Ghee

Tips for Winter to Spring Seasonal Eating in Ayurveda

spring vegetables

One basic yet profound teaching of Ayurveda, the wisdom of life, is remembering that we are a reflection of nature. The elements of Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth are the building blocks of life and are all inherently within us and outside of us. In a culture of doing, it might be easy to…

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Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse FAQs

Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse Kit

Why is the kit helpful?  The Essential Ayurvedic Cleanse Kit is your one-stop shop for all the products needed to enhance your cleanse. It includes pre-made packets of both regular and breakfast kitchari, our traditional ghee, herbs to support your digestion, body oil, tongue scraper and dry brushing gloves for your lifestyle practices. Our traditional…

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Why Organic Ghee Is Better For Your Body

Ghee is a healthy fat made from organic, grass-fed butter and is used in both cooking and in maintaining health.  Ghee also just happens to be simply delicious! We make our ghee by cooking butter using traditional Ayurvedic practices, removing all of the milk solids, water, and impurities. What’s left is lactose-free, casein-free, and shelf-stable…

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