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Nourish Kit

At Farmtrue, we’re all about promoting self-care and self-love throughout each season.  We put together our Nourish Kit… Read more

At Farmtrue, we’re all about promoting self-care and self-love throughout each season.  We put together our Nourish Kit to help you find balance through spring, summer, and fall/winter. This kit is your go-to for simple self-care routines to help you feel nourished, cleansed, and hydrated both inside and out.

This kit includes:

1 8 oz bottle of Ayurvedic Body Oil – Choose from Revive (Spring/Kapha), Refresh (Summer/Pitta), or Ground (Fall + Winter/Vata)

1 Mint Chill Fix Stick (Peppermint)

1 bar of Ayurvedic Ghee Soap – Choose from Revive (Spring/Kapha), Refresh (Summer/Pitta), or Ground (Fall + Winter/Vata)

1 pair of Garshana Gloves

1 9 oz jar of traditional organic grass-fed Ghee



Scent Profile: Lemon Balm and Tulsi
Dosha: Kapha
Season: Spring



Scent Profile: Lavender and Blue Tansy
Dosha: Pitta
Season: Summer



Scent Profile: Vanilla, Vetiver, and Citrus
Dosha: Vata
Season: Fall/Winter

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Kit includes: Mint Chill Fix Stick, Organic Ghee (9 oz.), Seasonal Ghee-Soap, Seasonal Body oil, and Garshana gloves.

Fix Stick - Mint Chill

A nourishing beauty stick for all your dry spots. Great for lips, cheeks, heels, hands, and cuticles.

Organic Ghee

Our Traditional Organic Grass-fed ghee is a healthy, high-heat cooking oil rich in nutritional value and delicious taste. We make it by slow-cooking grass-fed butter and removing all of the lactose, casein, and moisture. The result is a lactose-free, paleo, shelf-stable oil, perfect for the health-conscious cook.

Seasonal Ghee-Soap

Our luxurious soap is made with Farmtrue organic grass-fed ghee, the most nourishing oil for all the tissues of the body, and infused with seasonally beneficial herbs to help reveal your skin's natural glow. This gentle soap was created just for us by Treefort Naturals, using only natural ingredients, making it silky and hydrating with no sticky residue.

Seasonal Body oil

Our Ayurvedic oil is made from a blend of nourishing oils and herbs that naturally alleviate dryness caused by the season. We infuse all of our herbal ingredients in ghee to maximize this oil’s ability to carry the benefits of those herbs deep into the skin tissue.

Garshana gloves

Made entirely of 100% raw silk, the Healm massage gloves are extremely easy to use, designed to provide you with a unique experience when it comes to your Garshana massage treatments. Organic, raw, silk gloves have the power of offering you a complete lymphatic massage while making your skin feel softer and healthier.


This kit is designed to help support your body through the seasons, or whenever you’re looking to bring a little more into your routines.

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Kathleen M.
I recommend this product

Nourish Kit - Refresh

This was the perfect introduction to Farmtrue's quality products. From the time I opened the box and noted the care in which item was packed, I could tell that this was a company that was concerned with good customer service. Each product in the kit, in its own way, exceeded my expectations. I most definitely recommend the Nourish Kit as a means to become familiar with Farmtrue.

Tara M.
I recommend this product

Love it!

Beautiful gift, incredible products

Stefanie D.
I recommend this product

Great products

I’m glad I tried this collection. The products are very moisturizing and smell nice. I’m looking forward to trying other products.

Stephanie M.
I recommend this product

Amazing Seasonal Self Care!

Everything within this kit brings pure bliss. From initial unboxing to daily use, I am loving my new routine!