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Earn "Ghee Gold" for every dollar you spend on Farmtrue's site

Start earning gold and get rewarded!

Earn 'ghee gold' on every purchase to redeem for savings and rewards. Share with your friends and through your social media channels to earn even more.


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Earn "Ghee Gold"

You'll earn gold for every purchase you make on our website. Share with friends, follow us on social, and spread the love to earn even more!


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Redeem your Ghee Gold for exclusive discounts, products, and Farmtrue swag.

Ways to Earn Points

Make a Purchase

1 point earned for every $1 spent

Signup for an Account

50 Points

Facebook Follow

100 Points

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100 Points

YouTube Subscribe

100 Points

Birthday Celebration

150 Points

Write a Review

200 Points

Upload a Photo (w/review)

400 Points

Upload a Video (w/review)

800 Points

Refer a Friend

100 Points

Refer a Friend & Friend Must Purchase

200 Points

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200 Points

Make 5 Purchases

1000 Points

2x points on subscriptions

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