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As the leaves start to turn colors and dry up, our bodies do the same. Keep yourself healthy and deeply nourished all season by adding our NOURISH line to your daily fall and winter routine or the strong vata body/mind type. 

As the earth thaws out, our bodies do the same. The extra rain and moisture in the air is also felt in our bodies as congestion, heaviness, and lethargy. Shed winter's heaviness by adding our CLEANSE product line to your daily routine or strong kapha body/mind type.

As the Sun heats up, our bodies do the same. During the hot summer months, we tend to experience acidity in digestion, irritability, and intensity in the mind. Cool off and stay deeply hydrated by adding our Hydrate line to your summer routines or for the strong pitta body/mind type. 

Seasonal Living

We are made of the same elements that we find in nature:

Earth: tissue, bone  Water: fluids  Fire: metabolism  Air: breath  Ether: hollow spaces

Our own nature, or body/mind type, is a unique combination of these elements, also referred to as doshas or constitution. Ayurveda recognizes 3 seasons and body types that align with the qualities/elements that are prominent in each season. An excess of any of these elements can create an imbalance and lead to disease.  Ayurveda offers us tools for seasonal living routines and lifestyle choices to help us each, individually find our balance.

Our Nourish, Cleanse and Hydrate products are designed and used to balance qualities of each season and body type throughout the year.

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