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Organic Ghee and Ayurvedic Health

Nourished by Nature

At farmtrue we’re inspired to eat, live, and act with more care.

Seasonal Living

According to Ayurveda, adjusting your diet and lifestyle routines as the seasons shift is essential for keeping well. At farmtrue, we have crafted a unique line for each body type and the season it aligns with, ensuring that you always have a Nourishing, Cleansing, or Hydrating product on hand.

Food Products

Not all ghee is created equal. Explore our Ayurvedic pantry for the highest quality and best tasting certified USDA organic ghee as well as other ghee based goodies!


Self Care Products

Indulge your senses with our seasonal Ayurvedic skin care. Our ghee based product lines deeply Nourish, Cleanse, and Hydrate helping to restore and maintain balance. We carefully curate each product to align specifically to the seasonal shifts we see in nature and in ourselves.

Lifestyle Products

Farmtrue living means living and acting with more care. Browse our mindfully made collection to find your Farmtrue living inspiration.


Our Mission

At Farmtrue, it is our unwavering commitment to be more connected – to ourselves, each other, and nature. By honoring the true you, we modernize self-care for optimal sleep, digestion, and energy: the three governing pillars of health. It’s a sincere conviction rooted in the ancient philosophy of Ayurveda, one that inspires us to eat, live, and act with more care.

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Upcoming Events

Farmtrue Seasonal Cleanse Information Session

Not sure if an Ayurvedic cleanse is right for you? We invite you to join us for a casual Information Session Group Call on Sunday, April 5, 2020 at 4pm via Zoom. You’ll have the opportunity to hear from our Ayurvedic Health Educator at Farmtrue, Justine Miller, and ask the questions you want answered before…
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Ayurveda for Beginners

Discover the transformative science of Ayurveda with Farmtrue! Join Farmtrue Co-Founders Kim Welch and Lynn Goodwin, along with Ayurvedic Health Counselor Justine Miller, for this workshop designed to introduce beginners to the guiding principles and practices of Ayurveda.
Read More

Spring Refresh: A 4-week Yoga & Ayurveda program

Join Ayurvedic Health Coach and Yoga Teacher Justine Miller for month long support as we transition from winter to spring. With the tools of yoga, Ayurveda, journaling and experiential exercise, you’ll learn the best practices to bring a spring to your step and transition easefully with community and support.
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